Apr. 16, 2024

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Connecting with Kids!

The pure joy, laughter and relationship-building that happens when we gather around a table to play games with one another creates an undeniable memory. From board games to role-playing games, card games to charade-type games, when family and friends of all generations make time to play games they strengthen their bond, learning more about one another and themselves.

I had a great time enjoying a moment of playing some games with children from Tioga/Bradford Head Start Program in Wellsboro, as they wrap up “The Week of the Young Child” celebrating all early childhood education. Thanks to our local Pop’s Culture Shoppe for providing so many kinds of new children’s games. Not only were they educational…they were fun! Children love playing games, and adults should encourage and engage in this fun-filled pastime with their children, grandchildren, family and friends. We fill our schedules with our own busyness, we cling to our phones that often separate us from the people physically nearest to us, and we lose out on precious opportunities with those we love.

Think about the games you loved as a child; my favorite was Mouse Trap. Do you remember playing all kinds of card games with your grandparents? How about the game of LIFE, Monopoly, Chutes and Ladders, Cribbage, Scrabble, Dominos, Yahtzee, Chess, Backgammon, Checkers and thousands more! Playing games provides times of togetherness, fun, laughter and connecting.

I will treasure the experience I had in taking time to play some games with these children from the Head Start program. Thank you to Jena Miller, teacher, and Jessica Dilly, teacher aide, for the invitation and fantastic organization of this time! You can see more of “The Week of the Young Child” at the Home Page Network video here. Be sure to check out the many games at Pop’s Culture Shoppe. Stop in and join a game, play a game and shop local. It’s a ton of fun!
Hard to Read License Plate Event a Success!

Last Thursday and Friday in Bradford and Tioga counties we held our first hard-to-read license plate event where more than 120 car owners had the opportunity to register to replace their fading license plate. We had many participants thankful for the easy process we offered to help them obtain new plates. If a person had preregistered for their plate it took a matter of 1 minute or less for the vehicle owner to have met with us and then the police officer to deem the plate illegible and sign off on the paperwork. Then they were driving off! We had many people stop by that were not preregistered and it took them about 3–-5 minutes to complete the drive-through process. These folks can expect their new plates to be sent directly to them from PennDOT within the next several weeks.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the many hands that made this light work. My office staff in Troy, Wellsboro and Harrisburg truly made this process efficient and a lot of fun! Thank you to the officers from state and local municipalities and even some extra hands by mechanics in Troy to be standing in the cold and rain confirming the plate is illegible and signing off on each one.

If you were not able to participate in this event and have a hard to read license plate, please stop by or call my office so we can help you get your paperwork prepared that you can take it to a certified mechanic or a police station to complete the process. Contact us online at www.repowlett.com or call the office in Wellsboro at 570-724-1390 or Troy at 570-297-3045.
PennDOT at Work

PennDOT wants to hear from you as we welcome the spring thaw, bringing with it more potholes on our roads and bridges.

To help combat potholes and prevent them from becoming a danger to vehicles and drivers on the road, you can report potholes to PennDOT. Simply call 1-800-FIX-ROAD or click here to file a report online.
Scam Alert! PA Turnpike Alerts E-ZPass Users of Phishing Scam

If you receive an unsolicited text or email suggesting it is from the Pennsylvania Turnpike, E-ZPass or another toll agency, DO NOT click on the link.

The Pennsylvania Turnpike is warning E-ZPass users of a phishing scam that is attempting to obtain personal financial information to settle outstanding toll amounts. The text purports to be from “Pa Turnpike Toll Services.”

E-ZPass account holders should use approved safe methods to check their accounts, such as the official PA Turnpike E-ZPass website or the PA Toll Pay app.

Those who receive a fraudulent text should file a complaint with the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center at www.ic3.gov, which is a site dedicated to sharing information on Internet crimes across law enforcement agencies.
Policy Committee Holds Hearing on Fueling PA’s Future

Continuing its work to highlight the vital role of Pennsylvania’s energy industry, the House Republican Policy Committee convened a hearing and press conference last week to discuss the growing demand for liquified natural gas (LNG) and the negative implications of the Biden administration’s efforts to halt new exportation.

The hearing, “Fueling Pennsylvania’s Future: Liquid Natural Gas,” featured testimony from Carl Marrara, executive director, Pennsylvania Manufacturers’ Association; John Bane, director of government affairs, EQT Corporation; and Rob Bair, president, Pennsylvania Building and Construction Trades Council.

In the United States, Pennsylvania is the second largest producer of natural gas, following Texas. Globally, the demand for LNG is on the rise, and this increased use of LNG is having a positive impact on the environment. According to an economic impact report published by the Pennsylvania Manufacturers’ Association, 500 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions were reduced since 2010 because of natural gas use. Pennsylvania’s LNG will boost the economy, create jobs and spur manufacturing. It will also ensure affordability and reliability for consumers.

To watch the complete hearing, visit www.pagoppolicy.com/video/policy.
Bill to Honor Gold Star Families Advances

I joined my fellow lawmakers last week in giving unanimous approval to a bill that would permit the Department of General Services to construct a memorial monument on state Capitol grounds recognizing Gold Star families.

Dating back to World War II, Pennsylvania has 36,584 Gold Star families that would be honored by this memorial monument. Gold Star families are those that have experienced the loss of an immediate family member who died as a result of active-duty military service.

The bill is sponsored by Rep. Joe Kerwin of Dauphin County, who serves in the Pennsylvania Army National Guard and was deployed to forward operating positions in East Africa earlier this year.

House Bill 71 now goes to the Senate for consideration.
Protecting Children from Abuse

April is Child Abuse Prevention Month. While state laws have identified people, such as teachers, health care providers and clergy members, who are mandated to report suspected cases of abuse, we all have a role to play in protecting our children.

Signs of potential physical, sexual or emotional abuse or neglect may include sudden changes in a child’s behavior or school performance; being overly compliant, passive or withdrawn; always watchful, as though preparing for something bad to happen; and a reluctance to be around a particular person or to return home from school or activities.

If you suspect a child is being abused or neglected, call PA ChildLine at 1-800-932-0313.
Clean Up During ‘Pick Up Pennsylvania’

The Pennsylvania departments of Environmental Protection (DEP) and Transportation (PennDOT) are encouraging residents, local leaders, businesses and organizations to join in cleaning up their communities as part of the “Pick Up Pennsylvania” spring community improvement campaign, now through May 31.

Pick Up Pennsylvania is a year-long initiative; however, events scheduled through May 31 receive free trash bags, gloves and safety vests provided by support from DEP, PennDOT and Keep America Beautiful, as supplies last.

Events may include litter cleanups, illegal dump cleanups, community greening and beautification, special collections and litter education events. Events must be registered at www.keeppabeautiful.org to receive free cleanup supplies.

Last year, the Pick Up Pennsylvania initiative welcomed more than 71,000 volunteers who disposed of more than 2.9 million pounds of trash; cleaned 8,462 miles of road and waterways; and planted more than 8,000 trees, flowers and other greens.
Stay Alert in Work Zones

This week, April 15-19, is National Work Zone Awareness Week, a time to remind drivers to be cautious, alert and respectful while traveling through areas of roadway and bridge construction. This year’s theme is “Work zones are temporary. Actions behind the wheel can last forever.”

When you encounter work zones, PennDOT offers the following tips: drive the posted work zone speed limit; stay alert and pay attention to signs and flaggers; maintain a safe distance around vehicles; use flashers if traveling slowly; avoid distractions; and be patient.

State law requires motorists to travel with their headlights on in all posted work zones, not just active work zones. Daytime running lights are not sufficient; drivers must have their headlights on to also activate their taillights.

Drivers also should be aware that interstate work zones with a project cost exceeding $300,000 will have a speed-monitoring device to alert motorists of their speed prior to entering the work zone.

For more information about work zone safety, click here. Remember: The men and women working on our roadways are parents, children, siblings and spouses. They deserve to return home from work each day safely.