Jan. 02, 2024

Capitol Report
Strengthening Community Through Connections

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Welcome to Community Connection, my new weekly electronic newsletter devoted to building connections for a stronger community and Commonwealth.

Change is the agent that keeps us from plateauing and pushes us to excel. Improvements do not happen by being complacent; it’s change that helps us to continuously pursue and achieve excellence.

So, what’s going to be different about Community Connection? Helping you tell the stories that bring us together as a community, not just a quick Facebook post. I firmly believe in experiential education and getting out and involved in our community. That has been and will continue to be my goal!

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to travel around the 68th Legislative District and across the state representing you, hearing from you and being your voice. You will find me involved with the community in attending banquets; presenting citations; and hosting events, listening sessions and special services, just to name a few. I would like to share these experiences with you!

I will bring you the latest information and updates from our State Capitol. It’s making sure you are aware of legislation that affects your life and the future of this great state.

Another thing we hope to do in Community Connection is share with you my local business tours. These are not just simple company visits but going out to local operations, businesses, services and shops to make a connection with you. Experiencing what makes your business thrive and learning about some of the challenges we need to work on here in our Commonwealth.

My goal is to be much more hands on in how we communicate and serve you. Community Connection will typically be emailed on Tuesday afternoons. If you’re receiving our current E-News, no need to do anything. You will automatically start receiving Community Connection. You will find this news to be in-depth, community oriented, educational, fun, equipping and encouraging. Be sure to explore the entire electronic issue and check out any links provided. I do hope that you will enjoy this positive change in communication and become better connected to the community and myself as your state representative.

It’s also worth noting that Community Connection will not replace our presence on social media, but we will be telling “the rest of the story,” as Paul Harvy used to say, on Community Connection.

If you have not done so already, please connect with me on Facebook and Instagram. Be sure to follow and like what you see. There will be more photos and even some videos posted on my social media sites! If you know of someone who would benefit from and enjoy receiving our new Community Connection, please share this link. Thank you for spreading the news!

Again, thank you for the opportunity you have given me and it’s my hope that we can continue to build connections for a stronger community and Commonwealth each week with Community Connection.