Feb. 04, 2022

TROY – With many farms in the Northern Tier struggling to stay in business, Rep. Clint Owlett (R-Tioga/Bradford/Potter) joined with local officials, economic development advocates and farmers Friday to hear a presentation from Keystone Farm Future (KFF). 

The organization advocates a new approach for beef farming that addresses supply chain issues and removes some of the risks farmers face by essentially guaranteeing a market for their products. The meeting was hosted by the Agriculture Subcommittee of the Fund for Northern Tier Development.

“This is a really hard time for our farmers right now, and I think today’s presentation really gives us some hope for the future,” Owlett said. “We need the jobs to support our regional economy, and we especially need our farmers to keep putting food on our tables. We need to get cows back on our farms, and I am optimistic about the opportunities this program could provide.”

Larisa Miller, KFF president and CEO, addressed more than 150 farmers, agriculture advocates and local officials at the Troy Sale Barn Friday, outlining the organization’s innovative model that is designed to offer greater surety of supply; an economically sustainable model for farmers; guaranteed feed stock for processors; and local, quality meat products for consumers.

In late December, KFF announced a partnership with Karns Quality Foods, which is working with farmers in Lancaster County to supply beef to 10 regional supermarkets in southcentral Pennsylvania. Karns’ beef farmers will feed, house and care for the animals but will not own them, thereby reducing the risk and investment farmers need to make.
The beef program is launching with 10 farms and 600-plus animals in the pipeline. It will eventually scale up to 25 or 30 farms housing 1,700 cattle.

KFF is seeking to build more partnerships like the one with Karns in the future. 

For more information about Keystone Farm Future, visit KeystoneFarmFuture.com

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