Owlett Announces $6.6 Million in Natural Gas Impact Fees for Tioga County
HARRISBURG – State Rep. Clint Owlett (R-Tioga/Bradford) announced today more than $6.6 million in impact fees from the natural gas drilling industry are coming back to Tioga County and its municipalities.

“The impact fee plays a vital role in helping our communities address the impacts of drilling while also benefitting from the jobs the industry creates,” Owlett said. “I am pleased to see this funding coming back home instead of being doled out by Harrisburg.” 

For the reporting year of 2023, natural gas producers paid nearly $180 million in impact fees statewide, for a total of over $2.7 billion over the past 12 years.

Tioga County government will receive more than $2.4 million in impact fee revenues, while the county’s municipalities will collectively receive just over $4.2 million. 

Under Act 13 of 2012, impact fees are collected from natural gas drilling companies with 60% returned to counties and municipalities affected by drilling. The rest of the money goes into a Marcellus Shale Legacy Fund, a portion of which is provided to counties. The remaining funds are used by the state for emergency response planning, training and other activities; water, storm water, and sewer system construction and repair; infrastructure maintenance and repair; as well as statewide environmental initiatives.

For a full list of disbursements made under Act 13, visit www.puc.pa.gov and click on Act 13 Impact Fee Distribution. 

Representative Clint Owlett
68th District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

Media Contact: Patricia Hippler
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