Owlett Offers Bill to Boost PA Energy Production, Reduce Dependence on Russia
HARRISBURG – Citing the nation’s and the world’s dependence on Russia for energy resources, Rep. Clint Owlett (R-Tioga/Bradford/Potter) joined more than a dozen colleagues in the state House Tuesday to unveil a package of bills designed to maximize energy production in the Commonwealth. 

“Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has made clear the devastating consequences of many countries relying on a geopolitical foe for their energy needs,” Owlett said. “Thankfully, we have the means within our Commonwealth and nation to increase our domestic production to become energy independent here in America and to provide our resources to help power our allies throughout the world.”

Watch Owlett’s remarks during the capitol press conference below.

The Commonwealth has been limited in its ability to extract oil and gas resources from underneath state lands due to a moratorium placed on new leases by Gov. Tom Wolf. Owlett will introduce legislation that would lift that moratorium to allow the lease of subsurface rights. 

“We can preserve our state lands just as they are now by requiring that the surface well site be placed outside of state property,” Owlett said. “The revenue generated from leasing the subsurface rights will create a vital, continuous source of money that will be used to promote and protect our environment in Pennsylvania, but most importantly put us on a path where we as a country are not relying on Russian gas.

“This is a policy the governor can and should make now if he truly wants to live up to his commitment to support Ukraine,” he added.

Owlett noted an estimated 40% of Russia’s government funding comes from its export of oil and gas. The reality is the United States and other nations that buy energy from Russia are in part funding the unprovoked attack on the people of Ukraine. 

“It’s long past time our Commonwealth and our country work toward energy independence and free ourselves from relationships with countries like Russia that have no respect for freedom, democracy or human life,” he added.

Representative Clint Owlett
68th District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

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