Owlett Named to Ag, Appropriations, Health, State Government Committees
HARRISBURG – Rep. Clint Owlett (R-Tioga/Bradford/Potter) has been appointed to the Agriculture and Rural Affairs, Health and State Government Committees for the 2021-22 Legislative Session. He was previously named to serve on the House Appropriations Committee as well this session.

“These committee assignments reflect my priorities and the priorities of the people of the 68th Legislative District,” Owlett said. “Agriculture is a cornerstone of our local economy and way of life. Ensuring access to affordable, quality health care is increasingly challenging in rural areas like ours. And the House State Government Committee this year will be charged with reviewing and improving our voting laws to restore public faith in our electoral system.

“I am honored to be the voice of my constituents on these and other important issues in the weeks and months ahead,” he added.

Within the legislative process, the committees are where all bills are first reviewed. During the committee process, amendments can be offered, discussion on the bills takes place and sometimes public or informational hearings are held to gather more information on an issue before deciding whether to advance a bill to the full House.

The House Agriculture and Rural Affairs Committee deals with an array of legislation directly affecting the state’s farmers and farming operations. It also handles issues impacting the timber industry, horse and harness racing regulations, food safety and restaurant inspections, Dog Law enforcement and kennel licensure, the use of pesticides, and the administration of state-funded programs to promote agriculture in Pennsylvania.

“Having grown up on a dairy farm, I am naturally attuned to the many struggles of today’s farmers, especially our dairy farmers,” Owlett said. “I was proud to author the law creating the state’s Dairy Investment Program last session and am now honored to be on the board of the Center for Dairy Excellence. I look forward to continuing my advocacy for dairy farmers and all who work in our agriculture industry.”

Owlett also continues his service on the House Health Committee this session. The committee focuses on issues such as abortion, disease management, stem cell research, health savings accounts, hospital-acquired infections, Medical Assistance, patient safety, pharmaceutical issues, telemedicine and much more.

“Serving on the Health Committee has given me the opportunity to be on the ground floor of legislative proposals impacting health care across the Commonwealth, and especially in rural areas like ours,” said Owlett. As a member of the committee last session, Owlett authored a new law aimed at helping to combat the opioid epidemic. House Bill 616, now Act 117 of 2020, places the drug carfentanil on the list of Schedule II controlled substances. The designation severely restricts availability of the drug and makes it illegal to possess or distribute it without a license or a prescription.

This session will be Owlett’s first on the House State Government Committee. Among many issues that fall under the committee’s jurisdiction is the state’s election laws.

“People’s faith in our electoral system is vital to shoring up the foundation of our republic,” Owlett said. “Reviewing our state’s election laws and making the necessary changes to secure and restore public faith in our elections is a priority as this new session gets underway.”

In addition to these committees, Owlett will continue his service as a member of the House Appropriations Committee. He will serve as that committee’s subcommittee chairman on Health and Human Services. Appropriations is the committee through which the state budget is developed and all spending bills are reviewed.

For more legislative information, check out Owlett’s website at www.RepOwlett.com and sign up for legislative emails providing highlights of district and Harrisburg happenings and upcoming events, or “like” him on Facebook at www.Facebook.com/RepOwlett.

Representative Clint Owlett
68th District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

Media Contact: Patricia Hippler