Election Integrity, Government Accountability and Upholding the Constitution Top Priorities for Owlett in New Legislative Session
HARRISBURG – Rep. Clint Owlett (R-Tioga/Bradford/Potter) took the oath of office as state representative in the 68th Legislative District for the third time on Tuesday, pledging to restore the public’s faith in their government while also continuing to be a vocal advocate for the needs of rural Pennsylvania.

“Swearing-in day at the state Capitol is typically a day of celebration and optimism about the opportunities for change ahead,” Owlett said. “But there is a far greater sense of urgency in the air today, as there are very serious issues that need our immediate attention. 

“Thanks to the irresponsible and constitutionally questionable actions of our governor, the secretary of the Commonwealth and the state supreme court, our citizens have lost faith that their votes are being counted fairly and their voices are being heard in our elections,” Owlett said. “Ensuring the integrity of our elections and returning that sense of trust that is the foundation of our government is by far my top priority in the new session.”

To that end, Owlett has asked the speaker of the House to assign him to serve on the House State Government Committee so he can ensure the voice of rural Pennsylvania is heard loud and clear on this very important issue.

Owlett said he has talked with many people across the district who are deeply concerned by how the November election was conducted and are frustrated by what they see as a lack of action on the part of the General Assembly to address it.

“I share their frustrations, but it is important to point out that under the state Constitution, the prior legislative session ended on Nov. 30 and we have been unable to convene a voting session since then,” he said. “While the many strongly worded letters penned by lawmakers in response to the election have their place, the true voice of each member of the General Assembly comes through the legislation we author, co-sponsor and vote for or against. I look forward to getting back to the business of legislating again.”

The lawmaker stressed he has full confidence in how local election officials in the 68th District and many other communities handled the election; the concerns are primarily with how state officials caused so much chaos and confusion leading up to Election Day.

In addition to election integrity, Owlett will continue his work to advocate for the needs of rural Pennsylvania, including health care access; rural broadband expansion; quality education opportunities, including incentives for career and technology training; support for emergency responders and more.

“I remain humbled by the opportunity to serve and represent the people of the 68th Legislative District in Harisburg and here at home,” Owlett said. “My goal is to ensure your voice is heard and to always live up to the ideals of our forefathers by upholding our state and U.S. constitutions.” 

Representative Clint Owlett
68th District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives