Owlett Says More Than $375,000 Awarded to Fire, EMS Companies in 68th District
HARRISBURG – Rep. Clint Owlett (R-Tioga/Bradford/Potter) today announced that fire and ambulance companies located in the 68th Legislative District will collectively receive more than $375,000 in state grants thanks to the state’s Fire Company and Emergency Medical Service Grant Program.

“Our fire and EMS personnel risk their lives daily to ensure the safety of our communities. They should not have to worry about being able to afford necessary equipment or maintain the quality of their facilities,” said Owlett. “These grants are one way the state seeks to alleviate some of those worries.”

This funding from the Fire Company and Emergency Medical Service Grant Program can be used in several ways, including construction or renovation of a company’s station, the purchase or repair of equipment, training or debt reduction.

The following Bradford County fire and EMS companies in the 68th District received grants:
• Innes Hose Company: $12,057.17.
• Oscoluwa Engine and Hose Company Inc.: $11,783.31.
• Ridgebury Volunteer Fire Company Inc.: $12,057.17.
• South Creek Volunteer Fire Company Inc.: $11,646.38.
• Tri Township Ambulance Association: $9,192.44.
• Western Alliance Emergency Services: $9,192.44.

Grants were awarded to the following fire and EMS companies in the 68th District in Potter County:
• Gale Hose Company No. 1 Inc.: $9,192.44.
• Germania Fire Company: $11,509.46.

Grants were awarded to the following fire and EMS companies in Tioga County:
• Big ElmVolunteer Fire Company No. 1 Inc.: $11,509.46.
• Blossburg Fireman’s Ambulance Association: $9,192.44.
• Blossburg Volunteer Fire Department: $11,509.46.
• Chatham Township Volunteer Fire Company: $11,920.24.
• Clymer Township Volunteer Hose Company: $11,783.31.
• Crary Hose Company: $12,194.10.
• Elkland Borough Volunteer Fire Department: $11,920.24.
• Knoxville-Deerfield Volunteer Fire Company: $12,194.10.
• Lawrenceville Fire Department: $12,194.10.
• Lawrenceville Fireman’s Ambulance Association Inc.: $9,192.44.
• Liberty Volunteer Fire Company: $12,057.17.
• Mansfield Firemen’s Ambulance Association: $9,192.44.
• Mansfield Hose Company: $12,604.88.
• Middlebury Ambulance Association Inc.: $9,192.44.
• Middlebury Township Volunteer Fire Department Inc.: $11,920.24.
• Millerton Volunteer Fire Department: $13,426.46.
• Morris Firemen’s Ambulance Association: $9,192.44.
• Morris Township Fire Company: $11,509.46.
• Nelson Volunteer Fire Company Inc.: $11,646.38.
• Osceola Volunteer Fire Department Inc.: $11,783.31.
• Sabinsville Firemens Ambulance Association: $4,661.77.
• Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Hospital ALS: $9,192.44.
• Tioga Volunteer Fire Department Inc.: $11,646.38.
• Tioga Volunteer Firemen’s Ambulance Association Inc.: $9,192.44.
• Valley Community Ambulance Association: $9,192.44.
• Wellsboro Firemen’s Ambulance Association Inc.: $9,192.44
• Wellsboro Volunteer Fire Department: $12,604.88.

All funding comes from state gaming proceeds, and not General Fund tax revenue.

All fire and rescue departments must be actively reporting to PennFIRS to be eligible to receive this grant. If this requirement is not met they will not receive their 2019-20 grant funds. In order to be compliant, the organization must report all incidents using PennFIRS, from Jan. 1, 2019, through Jan. 31, 2020. This information must be entered into PennFIRS and reported to OSFC by 4 p.m. on Friday, Feb. 28.

Representative Clint Owlett
68th District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

Media Contact: Tricia Lehman
RepOwlett.com / Facebook.com/RepOwlett